Citrix & RedBull F1 Racing RB13

Tavoistaan poiketen Citrix mainostaa kuluvalla kaudella. Mainoksen uskoisi myös tavoittavan suomalaisen kohderyhmän hyvinkin. Se nimittäin löytyy RedBull Racing tiimin uusimman F1 auton RB13:n kyljestä. Kuskina autolla on australialainen Daniel Ricciardo.

”Citrix and Red Bull are two global brands that share and believe in high-quality performance and innovation. The ability to take advantage of this innovative technological advantage is the difference between being on the podium or seeing from far away the victory of other teams. At Citrix, we’ve been delivering state-of-the-art technology to Red Bull Racing for ten years, and now we’re taking that productive relationship to the next level.

 Kirill Tatarinov

President & CEO Citrix